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How to Find the Best Deals on Moving Companies

If you’re planning a move, you may opt to hire a moving company to handle some or most of your relocation. While this can make the moving process much less stressful, it can also be expensive. That’s why you should look for applicable deals, discounts and specials to minimize your costs while also ensuring that your belongings are in good hands.

You can use several tools to find the best deal on a moving company, including online resources and word-of-mouth recommendations. In addition, you can check the Better Business Bureau website for a moving company’s rating and read online reviews to gauge their reliability. It is also a good idea to verify that a moving company is licensed and insured.

Aside from a standard moving services package, many moving companies offer specialty moves and additional options to meet the needs of their target markets. For example, movers in New York City need to know how to handle unique challenges, such as traffic and parking issues, building restrictions and packing and unpacking for high-rise apartments.

In addition, movers can provide valuable assistance in the form of specialized equipment that can make your relocation easier and more efficient. For example, they can provide straps for your furniture, protective wrap for items and floor and wall coverings to prevent damage. You can rent this equipment, but it’s usually cheaper and more convenient to hire a mover who already has it.

Another way to find a great deal on a moving company is to ask for quotes from multiple companies and compare prices. Be sure to take an inventory of your belongings to ensure the quotes are accurate and include all necessary moving services. It is also helpful to talk with a representative via phone or video chat, which can give you a more personalized estimate and a feel for the personality of your potential movers.

A moving company that offers a full range of moving services is IVL. It has rave reviews from customers and a variety of packages that can be tailored to your budget. This mover handles local, long-distance and interstate moves. It also offers storage, packing, and premium items transport. It’s an FMCSA-authorized broker, and its BBB rating is a solid A.

Some movers have a minimum moving fee to cover expenses such as mileage. Others have flat fees, which are based on the number of movers and the time of day you move. In some cases, the flat fee is higher if you have pets or an older car. In other cases, you’ll need to pay extra for a truck larger than a standard one.

You can also save money on a move by choosing a smaller truck or booking a partial load. If you’re moving locally, a partial load means that your items will be packed in fewer containers. This can reduce your total cost and the amount of time it takes to load and unload your belongings.

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