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Are Snap-In Dentures Right For Me?

Snap-in dentures are an excellent option for patients missing all or many of their teeth. They provide better jawbone support than conventional dentures, which is a huge advantage for chewing food and eating comfortably.

They are also less expensive than a full set of dental implants with fake teeth. They are also easier to clean and maintain.

Are They Right For Me?

Before deciding to get a set of Snap-in Dentures, you should talk to your dentist about the pros and cons. This will help you make a more informed decision. Dr. Rod Strober, DDS at Country Club Dentistry in Coachella Valley can discuss this procedure with you in-depth to determine if it is the best solution for you.

How They Work

A snap-in denture requires a pair of implants to attach to, which are made from titanium or zirconia. Your dentist will decide if you need two or four implants per arch to provide the most stable base for your dentures. The more implants you have, the more stable the denture will be, but this can add a significant expense to your overall cost.

Getting the Dentures Installed

The process of fitting a snap-in denture involves surgical implant placement, which requires oral surgery and healing time. This can take up to six months, depending on the individual.

Infections: After the surgery, there is a chance that bacteria can enter into the area and cause peri-implantitis. This can lead to bone loss and other problems if left untreated.

If you do not have enough bone in your jaw to support the implants needed for a set of snap-in dentures, it may be necessary to undergo a bone graft, which can add several thousand dollars to the total cost.

You will need to follow the instructions provided by your doctor for aftercare. This includes regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid infections and keep the implants in their best condition.

Cost: The cost of a set of snap-in dentures can range from a few thousand to ten thousand dollars. This depends on a few different factors, including the number of implants used and your insurance coverage.

Your dentist will be able to give you an estimate of the costs before you undergo this procedure. They can also explain how much the implants and dentures will cost if your insurance does not cover them.

How Long Will They Last?

Although snap-in dentures are more comfortable than traditional dentures, they do not last forever. Typically, they need to be replaced about every 12-18 months, which can be costly.

Whether you need a set of dentures or not, it is important to continue taking care of your oral health. This means brushing your mouth twice a day to remove plaque, and flossing your gums and tongue. You should visit your dentist once a year for an examination and professional cleanings.

If you do not maintain your dentures correctly, they will wear out and require replacement over time. This is more common for removable dentures than fixed dentures, which can be permanently attached to dental implants.

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