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The Benefits of Horse Barn Windows

Besides improving ventilation, barn windows also provide natural light that horses need. Stabled horses need enough sunlight to thrive because it helps them absorb vital nutrients like vitamin D3, which promotes good health and a positive mood. Sunlight exposure is especially important in winter, when indoor lighting is less intense.

While some horse lovers prefer run-in sheds, a well-designed horse horse barn windows barn can incorporate barn windows and skylights to improve lighting and ventilation within the barn itself. One example of a beautiful barn that features this feature is the Longlight arena, an arena that was built for the World Equestrian Games in 2014. This arena was built with 70 standard and custom size skylight modules and ridge lights to fill the entire arena space with daylight and fresh air.

In addition to allowing for natural air exchange, the design of a barn should be structured in a way that keeps moisture from building up and creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. A barn roof with a metal surface can collect a surprising amount of moisture over the course of a winter, and if this moisture is allowed to accumulate in the hay loft, it could cause rot. Adding a roof vent, which would allow warm air to escape and cool outside air to enter, can help prevent this problem.

Another reason to add barn windows to a stable is to make it easier to monitor the temperature inside and out. Many horse owners have a tendency to keep their stables closed up and drafty during cold weather, which can actually make a horse more comfortable because they are shielded from the elements and stale air. It is also a good idea to include thermometers in the barn, as this can be useful in regulating blanketing needs.

If it isn’t too windy or rainy, a barn should be left open to let the fresh air in and the stale air out. The air can even be circulated with a fan, though this is not recommended on a regular basis because it may be too cold and damp for the horses. On a mild day, however, the doors and windows should be left open at both ends of aisles to encourage fresh air circulation.

Ideally, a window grill should be placed over the exterior frame of a stall window to prevent an inquisitive horse from knocking or kicking it. This added protection can also help to alleviate the potential harm that may be caused by a horse chewing on the wood or plastic of the window’s framing, which is a dangerous pastime that can lead to splinters and chemical ingestion.

If you are looking to improve your barn’s ventilation with the addition of windows, Lucas Equine has a wide selection of window sizes and styles that will fit any existing opening. Our windows are made from a strong RP profile and filled with 6mm safety VSG glass, which is both safe and durable in case of kicking or other accidents. The windows are hung on solid, stainless steel hinges and can be opened at a variety of angles to provide ventilation while still allowing the horse to peer out at the view.

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